A prayer consisting of a series of invocations: a resonant or repetitive chant.  Every morning the ritual takes place: water, fresh, in the electric kettle; in goes a scrunched up sachet of a darktea. Curtains, opened a sliver to reveal blue light and gray ground. […]

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Composed of incongruous parts; of different colors Is it hard being married to a centaur? Yes, but not for reasons you’d expect. The sex is great–what can I say, I’m a thigh girl. We joke about having beautiful mixed race babies. He makes good money breeding race […]

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A dialect or language of a region that has become the common or standard language of a larger area The first time I heard the word peg used that way was in Manila. Peg: a model, a manner, a guide on how a certain thing […]

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Smooth and greasy in texture or appearance; plastic She had inherited the dying body the same way she had inherited most other items: with a keen desire to know what purpose it would serve. (Once, her huffpuff martyr sighs had gained her sympathy, but she […]

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To search about, especially for gold or gemstones ‘Faster!’ Dane’s voice cut through the waves. There he was on the jetty. His voice was a snarl down my neck. ‘Head to the sea grass. Less rocks. Watch it!’ Water broke over the reef. An angry […]

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Willow; a flexible slender twig or branch Mama never walked past a basket without taking it home. Not just any basket, but the ones made out of supple willow, with twigs that could almost bend into knots. Not even for any purpose, and it wasn’t […]

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To excite the anger of: enrage. To cause irritation. Once Amelia discovered that speaking slowly made people angry, she began to do it more often. She claimed it was accidental at first, but later admitted to the pleasure that fluttered in her gut at the […]

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Not migratory; settled. Not physically active. Not permanently attached. The buds on the trees seemed to multiply by the day. Soon they would cover the branches and conceal fledgling nests. She was always unprepared for this moment, when the lifting heat sped up time and […]

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Out of line; awry When Ronny moved in, the house was little more than a wooden frame, with clumps of yellowed wallpaper and the dust of phantom bricks. It took a goo part of two years to get it to live-in conditions. The house took […]

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