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Firmly established by long persistence; habitual

I’m locked in a staring contest with some dude across the road. He started it–or did I, by refusing to look away? The winner gets no prize but for the shame of a meaningless victory. He eats his sandwich. I nibble chips. We both drink Coke Zero though I do so in a more civilized manner, in a glass, with crushed ice. The work day ends. The windows all around darken, all except for his. He lifts a hand, his mouth moves. I shake my head; that’s cheating. The streetlights cast a hazy halo of light around his head. It grows so quiet I can hear the clock in the apartment next door. He’s a lonesome fellow now. Come to think of it, so am I. Feeling generous, I project a fantasy on him. If I stare hard enough he will become a heron, gray and graceful, and disappear into the clouds. When he descends it will be in a different world. Oh lucky man. I call to him silently: Don’t look away. For the sake of you and I, please don’t dare look away.


Story Notes

8/100 of #The100DayProject. Today was a rough day.

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