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having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight

Ever since I was a little girl, I viewed the world in shards. Refractions of light that provided me the bare minimum of where to go, what to say, and what not to do. This is the most [content] way of living; a fact I maintain to this day.

Margot did not agree. Margot approached life as if it were a bag of shredded documents. Every event was a clue to another event, and she would devote every spare second to scrying some meaning out of everything. Her devout attention to my throwaway words, [her] ear pressed against my breath as though I had more to report than the cheeseburger I ate for lunch, was so disconcerting.

My coworkers and I bonded over Margot, over our [shared] distaste for her tendency to overthink every situation. Then the drought came, and boy did it fuck us up. We didn’t gossip by the water cooler [so much as] fight for its drops. Meanwhile Margot watched with big moony eyes, and I remembered my cheeseburger, swollen with [the gallons of water it had needed to make it to my mouth]. Margot did not chase butterflies beating [their wings into] typhoons: she made them.

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6/100 for #The100DayProject. Posted April 25.

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