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Of, relating to, or based on the intellect

We were on our third bottle of wine when Chard brought up politics.¬†“We’re only in this situation because our leaders pander to the masa. Keep them happy, keep them ignorant.” I caught Betta’s eye; she rolled hers dramatically and took a puff from a cigar that looked much too big for her mouth. Honestly, she looked like one of those hamsters on Youtube eating a burrito. “Hey, doesn’t Betta look like a burrito-eating hamster?” I wanted to say, louder than Chard’s current diatribe against Eat Bulaga (a minstrel show for the willingly enslaved) and Ryzza Mae (a cute but malevolent mouthpiece for our poli-capitalistic overlords).

[Instead] I lifted my glass of Argentine malbec, swished, watched its inky legs drip down against the glass like spider legs. What do I look like right now? I wondered selfishly. Then, less so: what about Chard? His house had bright warm light, very nice for pictures, but we could learn a thing or two about appearances.


Story Notes

4/100 for #The100DayProject. Feel like I had a good thing going with the hamsters, but ruined it with the malbec. Note to self: stop being surprised when the index card runs out.


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